Monday, November 22, 2010

Final Memorial Run for Two Sisters One Heart

Dear Runners and Supporters,
The Two Sisters One Heart Fundraising Event began three years ago for Emma and Taylor Bailey and families of conjoined twins. It was first, designed and intended to be a financial support for the travel and medical costs associated to the first of it's kind double transplant and separation for conjoined twins sharing a single heart. Secondly, to provide financial support to other families of conjoined twins. Many of you know, that our sweet Emma and Taylor passed away on August 10, 2010 in a surgery intended to qualify both girls for heart transplants. Their passing was not at all anticipated. A complication occurred and Emma's artery wall tore spontaneously without a recourse to repair the damage. Their "coming to this world in trailing clouds of glory, from God, who is our Home" was miraculous. Their return has been sorrowful and tender.
Please Join Us for the
Final Memorial Run for Two Sisters One Heart
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