Monday, November 22, 2010

Final Memorial Run for Two Sisters One Heart

Dear Runners and Supporters,
The Two Sisters One Heart Fundraising Event began three years ago for Emma and Taylor Bailey and families of conjoined twins. It was first, designed and intended to be a financial support for the travel and medical costs associated to the first of it's kind double transplant and separation for conjoined twins sharing a single heart. Secondly, to provide financial support to other families of conjoined twins. Many of you know, that our sweet Emma and Taylor passed away on August 10, 2010 in a surgery intended to qualify both girls for heart transplants. Their passing was not at all anticipated. A complication occurred and Emma's artery wall tore spontaneously without a recourse to repair the damage. Their "coming to this world in trailing clouds of glory, from God, who is our Home" was miraculous. Their return has been sorrowful and tender.
Please Join Us for the
Final Memorial Run for Two Sisters One Heart
Additional registration and information can be found at


"Guppy" Honaker said...

I am a Latter-day Saint ( in Phoenix, AZ. I wish I would have known about the run sooner. My best to your family.

- David

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Ebony said...

We in class watching this in health class.. they were soooo cute. We are going to keep your family In our prayers from McKinley High school in baton rouge, Louisiana . & wish you the best with the other kids.

sprosang said...

I was so touched by your courage shown in caring for those two beautiful little angels (we have only had the screening of the program of the girls when they were aged 2 in South Africa today (so appropriate to be screening this on Christmas day 2010). I then thought I would check up on their progress on the internet only to find that they had passed away. I am so so sorry, what little angels they were. I am sad.
thank you for sharing this with the world. With love from a Grandmother - Angela Sproston

sprosang said...

I have just view the story of Emma and Taylor on South African Television today (Christmas Day 2010) and was so touched by the courage that these angels showed as well as that of you, their parents and family. I then decided to check their progress since this documentary was made only to find that they had passed away. I am so very sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing your story. With love from a Grandmother - Angela Sproston

ashley said...

my name is ashley montgomery my mom kathy and i come with carol,karen,and lisa so gald to meet you and your lovly famill and those two beatyful girl emma and taylor. i wish we can come back and see how you guys are doing

Anonymous said...

Dear Baily family,
I just finished to see the film made about your two years old girls in the internet and went looking with big hope for information about them and was much heartached to see your loss. I'm writing to you now with many tears, and I hope I can pass the admiration and love I felt when I saw these two amasing girls / little wonderful persons and you and all your family. I can only guess the loss and pain. I hope the love you filled their lifes with will always come back to you and that all af you will have a good healthy and loving life.
Nava Hirschl from Israel.

Anonymous said...

I just finished to see one program about the girls. Then I searched in internet for read more about them. I did know that they passed away a year now they are with God and his angels.

Christie said...

Hi--I only found out about your precious girls today! (9/18/2011). I am also LDS. I know your little girls are in Heaven waiting for their eternal family to join them! Thank you for sharing your family with us!

God bless your family always!


Heidi - Beauty&Living! said...

Thinking about your girls and your family <3 I know they are in heaven!

Saul said...

Hi awesome story, was just flicking thru channels and heard "6 misscarragies" and now pregnant with conjoint twins. I was touched by that, my wife and I recently had an actopic pregnancy so babies and pregnancy are still a sensetive topic around us.
Thanks for sharing the story,I notice the way you prayed and saw the children song book and knew you guys are also LDS and knew you have nothing to worry about you know your children are in a better place and you shall be reunited with them.

Awesome story guys,

Saul in South Africa